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I'm a Senior Product Designer with a strong technical background, including FDA-approved technologies. 

I engage collaboratively with Product teams to define product goals, contributing to the development of more cohesive design and product experiences. 

I'm passionate about sharing knowledge, and enthusiastically mentor junior designers.

Key Skills

•  User Experience Design
•  User Interface Design
•  Prototyping
•  Information Architecture
•  Visual Design
•  Design Systems
•  User Research

• Human Factors
•  Creative Direction
•  Figma
•  Sketch
•  Adobe Creative Suite
•  Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects



Senior Product Designer
2022 – Present

Raising the quality bar for the company’s mobile app offerings. Leading growth & retention efforts, & designing paid features to increase revenue per user.

  • Created more than $560k in annual revenue while navigating complex corporate policy, overcoming resistance to paid features.

  • Formally recognized 3 times for efforts in organizing and coordinating work across design, engineering, and leadership.

  • Remotely led idea generation, voting process, and prioritization of work for the division through a period of change, resulting in a revenue-focused project roadmap.

Stealth Startup
Design Lead, Design Advisor

Lead Product Designer, Product Manager and Web Developer of a small, early-stage startup. Led design processes to bring an engineering proof- of-concept through to a cross-platform, chat-based medical application now in beta testing for iOS and Android.

  • Visualized the company brand via a whole-company exercise, and used that brand to build a prototype application to help make concrete the company goals, reducing time-to-market by 3 months.

  • Designed and developed the company marketing website to provide information to more than 5000 interested parties, resulting in 200 participants in closed beta testing.

  • Coordinated over 50 user tests with beta participants while designing our product to find product-market fit.

Product Designer
2017 – 2020

Core designer of an FDA-regulated, automated insulin delivery iPhone app for Type 1 Diabetics. Worked closely and iterated with the Human Factors team, balancing short-term FDA requirements and long-term design vision.

Brought risk-averse device partners into our design process to build confidence.

  • Developed a novel FDA submission process for a first-of-its-kind medical application. Successfully collaborated with the FDA, shortening the approval process to months, rather than years.

  • Grew the design team by 600%. Learned Human Factors and Prototyping skills and hired other specialists, reducing time-to-market by 3 years.

  • Navigated the design team from Sketch to Abstract to Figma. Worked collaboratively with FDA Reviewers to establish an approved digital version control system for software design.

  • Published and presented an open-source library of data visualizations to industry peers.

Interaction Designer
2014 – 2017

Design lead for Chrome & Android security teams, focused on biometrics, authentication methods, and browser security features. Introduced design process to internal tools across Google, improving usability.

  • Established lines of communication between various security teams at Google, leading to novel, collaborative features such as Fingerprint Gestures and Cross-device Authentication.

  • Published guidance on how best to inform users about new features. Led research to identify best practices, and saw a
    15% increase in new feature use.
  • Educated more than 2000 engineers about the design process.
  • Implemented design reviews for internal tools, reducing development time by 10%.

Production Designer

Worked on Information Architecture, Wireframes and Visual Design as part of a multidisciplinary team for clients such as Google and


Rochester Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in New Media Design


•  Adjunct Professor of New Media Design at RIT 

•  Material Design specifications for User Education at Google
•  Open-source healthcare data visualization design system at Tidepool

•  Gold ADDY Award, RAF for Mobile App Design
•  Silver American Advertising Award for Mobile App Design

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