My name is Paul.

I'm a technically-inclined Product Designer looking to collaborate with Director / VP level design leadership and the Product team, to build a more cohesive design & product experience.
I love Design Systems & Design R&D.

@ Stealth Startup in 2021...

I was Lead Product Designer, Product Manager and Web Developer of a small, early-stage startup. I lead design processes to bring an engineering proof-of-concept through to a cross-platform, chat-based medical application now in beta testing for iOS and Android. 

@ Tidepool, 2017–2021

I was Core Designer of an FDA-regulated, automated insulin delivery iPhone app for Type 1 Diabetics. I worked closely and iterated with the Human Factors team, balancing short-term FDA requirements and long-term design vision. I brought risk-averse device partners into the design process to build confidence. I built a design system focused on visualizing health data. I grew and cultivated the design team to 6 designers.


@ Google, 2014–2017

I was Design Lead for the Chrome & Android security teams, focused on biometrics, authentication methods, and browser security features.

I lead the redesign and relaunch of Find My Device to coincide with Google I/O 2017.

My 20% project researched, designed and published public Material Design guidance on User Education.

Before all that,

I worked at Instrument, a digital agency based in Portland, OR with partners including Google and

If you're interested in learning more about any of my work, you can contact me on LinkedIn, or email me at paulforgione at gmail dot com.

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